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          Rothes Medical Practice in Glenrothes provides the highest quality healthcare to patients in the Glenrothes and Thornton areas.

          Our doctors, nurses and all our other staff are dedicated to offering a professional service and this surgery website will help us to keep all our patients up to date with news and information about our practice. We will keep it current with any developments or other details that we feel are relevant to you. 


          NHS Test and Protect

          The Test and Protect approach has been introduced in Scotland in order to try and identify cases of COVID-19 through testing. It allows the tracing of anyone who may be at risk of COVID-19 after spending time with someone who has tested positive.

          To keep up to date on the latest information please visit NHS Inform

          More information regarding Coronavirus can be found on our Coronavirus page.

          Please have a look around and do send us some feedback if you like. We can use your ideas to improve our online services and further develop the content of this site.

          (Site updated 07/09/2021)